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Nature Based Therapy

Recently, there is much literature emerging about forest bathing, cold immersions, equine therapy, gardening therapy and more. In a society where we are increasingly isolated not only from other humans but the natural world in general, our biology is coming under considerable stress every day. Our neurology is not able to shift as quickly as technology is capable of changing our environment. It is not uncommon for people to experience symptoms of fatigue, burn out, disconnection, lack of sense of purpose or increasing addictive behaviors due to the hectic pace of the modern life style. Other symptoms, such as lack of ability to concentrate, irritability, obsessive need to seek stimulation through technology, poor sleep, addiction to sugar and caffeine (or other substances) and heightened anxiety could also be symptoms of a life style that is alienated from the natural rhythms of nature. While it is not realistic (nor desirable) for many people to return to a life style that is closer to nature, there are ways one can foster increased connection to the natural world in one’s own life. Beyond getting a house plant or taking your shoes off in a city park, my nature-based therapy sessions invite you to explore your own inner landscape in connection to the natural world. For clients who need or want a more complete reboot, we can also create a custom tailored private intensive in the Finnish countryside. For some, this is a helpful first step toward envisioning a path forward to a life style that feels more fulfilling and authentic. For others, it is a much needed “technology fast” that allows for a restoration of balance within their otherwise fulfilling lifestyle. 


Custom-Tailored Private Retreats

With her background in event and program planning as well as specialized training in adventure-based therapy and team building, Tanjariitta can work with your organization to help custom tailor a retreat to suit your needs. 



Tanjariitta is a trained high and low ropes course facilitator and facilitator trainer. During her master’s studies, she created a self-study course incorporating an internship with Project Adventure in Georgia that included spending a week facilitating an alternative adventure-based therapy program with juveniles otherwise facing incarceration. She held a position as a clinician in a therapeutic boarding school in Montana, where she worked with young men and women within a wilderness setting. She has lead corporate team building retreats and staff retreats as well as written grants offering adventure-based summer programs for at risk youth. With her background in wilderness and adventure-based therapy, she has incorporated ropes courses, skydiving, backpacking, skiing, kayaking and more into her therapy work with clients. 

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