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Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy (sometimes interchangeably referred to as Yoga Therapy) can be used to explore any topics that might typically be explored in conventional talk therapy, such as:


• depression

• anxiety

• self-sabotaging behaviors

• emotional trauma

• chronic pain

• relationship issues

• self esteem/image

• forgiveness

• grief

• trust

• personality and identity issues 

Tanjariitta trained through and worked as a mentor for up and coming yoga therapists with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy program based out of Massachusetts USA.

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"What the mind has forgotten,

the body remembers long after"

Do I Need to Know How to Do Yoga or be flexible? 

It is not necessary for you to practice or even know yoga in order to benefit from a somatic (yoga) therapy session. The sessions combine gentle movement informed by your personal experiences, guided by the practitioner. Joining movement with verbal processing in this way helps get you out of your head and into your body so that you have more of your own wisdom and insight available to you.

Will Somatic Therapy Help Heal My Physical Injuries?

Somatic therapy is not focused on rehabilitation or healing structural issues in the same way as physical therapy, however, it is a beautiful compliment to help release any body-held memories of trauma or emotional distress related to events surrounding the physical injury. This type of release work can result in significant shifts in the experience of pain and discomfort. In addition to her personal experience of recovery from a skydiving accident years ago, Tanjariitta has several years of experience working with individuals at a state of the art interdisciplinary  medical clinic focused on chronic pain.

How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

Somatic therapy combines humanistic psychology, yogic practices and neuroscience to facilitate healing and personal growth. Science now agrees that we hold emotions, trauma and memories in our bodies as well as our brain. When we combine verbal processing with gentle movement, release and rewiring is possible on a deeper and more permanent level. In a somatic therapy session, breath awareness, assisted yoga-like poses and dialogue are utilized so that you may come to your own insights and action steps around your chosen focus. This greater awareness and the insight are transferred into your day to day life so that you may begin to create desired changes within your relationships, work, home and personal life, based on your own deep body-mind insights.

How Do I Prepare for a Somatic Therapy Session?

Since you will be moving your body, you may choose to eat lighter foods prior to a somatic therapy session. Bring layers of clothing just in case you get hot or cold, which is common in body-centered release work. Other things you may wish to have with you are a journal and some water. After the session, allow yourself some time to process and integrate, rather than planning to run errands or going back to work.



"Over the last two and a half years, I have been privileged to benefit from Tanjariitta's instruction, help and support, both in her yoga classes and in private yoga therapy sessions. Her work is geared to helping people at whatever level is appropriate for the client. I have learned so much about my body and how to help myself through working with Tanjariitta. This work continues to be a priority for me."

"I am a very type A personality, with a background in private military contract work. I came to see Tanjariitta because I heard her speak about trauma and its impact on our brain and body. I have chronic pain and I take blood pressure medications. Since doing sessions and practicing Yoga Nidra with Tanjariitta, my sleep quality has improved noticeably. My blood pressure has also improved to the point where my doctor agrees that I can come down on my medication dose." 

Sandra, 67 year old wheel-chair bound client 

"I have loved this work. I have had two major back surgeries and physical therapy has been too much for my body. I am going to use these techniques before my upcoming surgery." 


"The Gentle Movement class has been one of the two keys that got me living a fuller, richer, happier life. Her yoga and gentle movement exercises come from a vast array of studies and personal experience with chronic pain herself. The class has changed my life, thank you!"


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