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Shamanic Counseling 

Over the past several years, I have observed in my practice and personal life that many individuals have sought out ceremonies or have utilised plant medicines to help them access deeper unconscious material in order to heal certain aspects of themselves. Some have done so in lieu of therapy, while others have done so in combination with traditional therapy. Some have worked with the medicines on their own, while others have sought out trained guides. The common thread is that these individuals have a sense that there is more to life - and to them - than meets eye. Many have gained valuable insights, and yet some have come out of these experiences with more questions or with insights that they can’t quite integrate into their day to day lives. This can sometimes cause a splitting off that actually makes things more complicated and confusing rather than easier or clearer. 


If you are seeking help with integrating such experiences, my shamanic counseling sessions may offer the support you are seeking.


In these shamanic counseling sessions, as in any other therapeutic work, you are your own highest authority. I am not there to interpret or judge your experiences nor to advice you on what to do with the insights you gain. The premise of our work together is for you to work on building clarity and stamina through self discipline in order to develop your own connection to your spirit and the spiritual realm - whatever that means to you. This takes considerable discernment and clarity, which can sometimes be elusive if we lean on our “tools” too heavily. A big part of shamanic work is to remain in stillness long enough to endure the shadow material that inevitably surfaces.


Tanjariitta does not claim to be a shaman, neither by calling nor through any formal shamanic training. She has, however, worked closely for the past three years with an Amazonian trained shamanic guide to help integrate clients’ shamanic experiences, and she has participated in many indigenous practices with various North and South American tribes over the past two decades.


Tanjariitta has additionally been trained and certified in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy with the Wellness Institute based out of Washington State, US. This training program integrates subtle energy work, shamanic practices, ancestral healing, epigenetics, breath work, shadow work, dream work and more with traditional psychotherapy training to help clients access deeper states of consciousness in order to heal or shift cellular level memories and imprints.

Shamanic Ceremony Integration Counseling Package

Peeling back the layers and making sense of your experience

Supportive therapy to help you glean insights from your experiences in order to use them as tools for personal growth. 



      • 3 (1 hour) sessions

      • Online or In-person

      • English or Finnish


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