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Life Coaching

Do you feel called to create a more purpose-filled life but aren’t quite sure how to get started on moving toward it? Do you wish to have support in identifying and making the shifts necessary to live a life that feels more like your own? By now, you have (mostly) made sense of the past and just want to move forward with life! If so, my collaborative and goal-oriented life coaching sessions are for you. My life coaching clients are looking for support with a self-initiated change in pursuit of specific outcomes. We start by mapping out your current situation and identifying goals based on your needs, desires, feelings and dreams. Between those places (“here” and “there”) lies the bulk of our work - action steps to get you unstuck, identifying and removing obstacles on your path, and creating new supportive action steps to move you toward your desired life. 


Coaching is for you if you are ready and willing to take responsibility for your own life, and the idea of having someone hold you accountable to yourself motivates you. 

Coaching will help you examine your thoughts, beliefs and  emotions that are guiding and affecting your choices and actions, often in unconscious ways.


Through coaching, you will find ways to build a life that is pleasing and meaningful to you. It is an opportunity for you to re-center and get to know your deepest self, beyond the external voices that may have shaped you in your childhood or throughout your adult life. We are born with the gifts of creativity and intuition but we often bury these gifts under perceived expectations or old beliefs tied to our self worth or deservability. My role as your coach is to listen and help you tease out the essence of what you are seeking while giving you tools and exercises to help you move toward your life goals.


Life Coaching

One Session

Goal Specific & Action Oriented

Examples of our possible focus:

• preparing for a job interview

• difficult conversations

• asking for a raise

• working on a dating profile 



     •3 hour session

     •Online or In-person

     •English or Finnish


Life Coaching Package

Deep Dive & Transformation


In depth coaching that allows you to gain clarity on your life’s purpose and developing a plan to materialize your desires.


•1 (90 minute) visioning & goal setting

• 10 (one hour) sessions

• 1 (90 minute) integration

• English or Finnish

• Online or In-person


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