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Expressive Art Therapy 

Expressive Arts allows for deep self-exploration through various modalities – including, but not limited to, visual art, movement, sound, music and writing.


Our soul is born with the desire to give expression to its deepest purpose. Expressive Arts creates a space to allow for this expression. It can offer healing for anyone who is open and willing to explore it, and it can be especially beneficial for individuals who struggle with verbalizing or identifying their emotions. It is not necessary for you to be “good at art” in order to benefit from expressive art therapy – the process, as opposed to the end result, is always of primary importance.


The saying “a picture can speak a thousand words” is an example of the power of images and symbols. Our dreams come to us in picture form; this is our primary language. Words and talking are a secondary process. We are a step removed from our internal world when we talk about it. When we move with it, drum it or express it through a visual means we connect to others and ourselves on a primary level. The word emotion comes from the Latin word Emovere, meaning "moving through or out". We are meant to allow our emotions to move through us and then out of us. Expressing emotions non-verbally is a powerful way to do so. 

I offer individual and group expressive arts sessions and workshops. Contact me to start planning yours

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