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The Alchemy of Discipline

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4 Mondays beginning Monday March 1st

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The Alchemy of Discipline


Tanjariitta Anttila

About the course

This 28 day interactive workshop is intended to help you create, foster and strengthen a foundation for a personal practice that has every possibility to help you unlock your potential!

Alchemy of Self Discipline means you are consciously engaged in the act of building the path of your Self Transformation, step by step.

Whatever you desire to create in this world deserves your fullest possible attention right now. We are living through a time of chaos in the world because collectively, we are going through an alchemical change process unmatched by recent times. When the times get this intense, we would do well to match that intensity in our inner focus, and that requires some discipline. That doesn’t necessarily mean to push yourself harder or to accomplish more. On the contrary, you might need to become quiet and more selective in where you pour your energy and attention. That is the magic of alchemy. To discern what the vital ingredients are for what YOU are looking to create.

Create, foster and strengthen a personal daily practice of your choosing
Deepen your self knowledge
Improve Self Esteem through concrete actions that build regard and respect for yourself
Fortify your body-mind connection
Learn to identify and harness the power of the Alchemical Process in your life

What Is Included:
Weekly interactive online gatherings with specific focus
Additional weekly videos from me with reflection points
A daily practice that you will hold onto for the duration of this course

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