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About Tanjariitta

Tanjariitta was born and raised in Finland, in a rural farm setting. Her deep connection and appreciation for nature only grew stronger as she ventured out into the world. Having lived in Stockholm, Sweden for a few years immediately following high school, she eventually traveled further and spent several years in Florida to offset the years of arctic darkness and cold. It is there that she acquired both her undergraduate degree in fine arts and her master's degree in clinical therapy.

While in college and working full time, she was also an avid skydiver and eventually became an exhibition jumper and a static line instructor. It was through this sport that she discovered she had likely had a life long pattern of anxiety - or rather, she noticed the absence of something that had always been there while she was jumping out of airplanes.

This made her an instant believer in being fully present in the moment - years before mindfulness had become the thing everyone was talking about. Tapping into the immediate experience, in the moment, became her work with clients.

Her psychotherapy work immediately took on a more body-centered approach and she actively sought out modalities in which to specialize to reflect this approach in her work. Rather than TALKING about the experiences, she wanted to engage her clients in doing, moving, expressing and sensing.

She became a heart-centered hypnotherapist and an experiential and adventure-based counselor. She brought her years of martial arts training and the subtle internal arts teachings into her work with clients. She studied expressive arts therapies, bringing in sound, visual arts, movement and more.

As she started working with clients with chronic pain and complex trauma, she decided to pursue her yoga teacher and yoga therapy certifications in addition to learning more about neuroscience so as to bring these tools into her therapy work. During her twenty years of clinical experience, she has devoted herself to working in a holistic way, continuously expanding her understanding about the human subtle energy system and our collective experiences. 

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