Your direct experience is your highest authority.

                  Your Life is Now. The time is here. Nowhere else holds the answers. 


Our body and spirit are only empowered in the present moment. Our mind, though, often chooses to be elsewhere, either mulling over the past or anticipating the future. This is particularly true and natural during times of crisis or heightened stress. The key to navigating these times and to healing old hurts is to work on bringing our energy into the present moment. We can't act from our past or our future. We can't go back to the event or person to change anything or to forgive in the past. That work can only happen in the Now. Through her unique combination of training and over twenty years of experience, Tanjariitta helps her clients bring their energy into present time, as they are ready. It is from that place that they can more consciously fulfill their life's purpose.


When individuals are more aligned with their purpose and authentic gifts, the organizations and groups of which they are a part also have a chance to become healthier and more sustainable. 


Tanjariitta blends mind and body-centered therapies in her work with individuals, groups and organizations.  One on one sessions, private intensives, workshops and retreats are tailored to the client, focused on personal empowerment and healing, whether you are dealing with a stressful life event or life-long patterns that feel limiting to who you want to become.


Retreats are customized to meet your group's needs, including finding domestic or international locations ranging from very rustic wilderness settings to fine resorts, incorporating a variety of programming. Tanjariitta is also available to speak at special events.


Tanjariitta's approach blends her backgrounds in mental health, hypnotherapy, expressive arts, adventure-based therapy, experiential wilderness immersions, mindfulness meditation, martial arts and yoga with her life-long curiosity about our essential spiritual nature. Tanjariitta's work with her clients has taken her from jumping out of airplanes and multi-day backcountry trips to Ritz Carlton conference rooms.