Power of Intention

This is a water crystal from the Japanese Shimanto River, photographed by Dr. Emoto, who has studied the power of intention on water crystals and has written, among other things, the book Messages From Water. By now, most of us have been exposed to his work and the images of the crystals so I won't elaborate on it here.


Water, as we know, is a conductor of energy. However, we may have only scratched the surface on just how effective of a conductor it is, and just what types of energies it is capable of conducting. If you were awake during at least some of your biology classes, then you remember that the human body consists mostly of water. The implications of this were touched upon in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know. It is now more and more widely accepted that there is a link between the conductive nature of our tissues and the effect that vibrational energies have upon us. Many of us can attest to being sensitive to the moon’s effects on our bodies and moods. ER room and emergency service personnel are particularly familiar with this "lunacy" effect on their work load during full moon nights, and in astrology the moon is known to rule our emotions. The moon can create tidal changes in vast oceans, so is it so inconceivable that it has an impact on the relatively small amount of fluid in our bodies?


Dr. Emoto's findings support this idea that the energy and vibrations around us have an effect on us through the fluids in our cellular system through the quality of the foods we digest, the music we listen to, what we watch on TV, how we speak to ourselves, to name a few things. And of course, we, in turn, contribute to creating the "vibes" in our home, at work, and in the world at large. You have likely had an experience having just walked into a room and sensing an existing tension right away. We tend to use language like “you could cut the tension with a knife” or “the hostility of that person was palpable”. Likewise, we somehow feel drawn to certain people's energy because we feel good around them.


In his book “Anger”, the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of digesting the meat of an animal that has suffered and has been under tremendous stress prior to being slaughtered, and how that suffering effects us, the consumers through the energetic vibrations in the tissues of the animal. He emphasizes compassionate consumption, acknowledgement for the animal’s sacrifice, gratitude, and awareness of how our choices impact the world.


If you would like a gross demonstration of this principle of vibrational energy at work, simply place a glass of water on a table near a speaker and turn up the volume while you listen to some music. You will notice the subtle vibrations of the sound waves on the water’s surface. Now imagine that the water is the fluid in your tissues. The "music" could be your loved one speaking kindly to you or it could be someone screaming and threatening your safety. Your cells would react differently, depending on the message and intention – the vibration.


These subtle vibrations get transmitted through our nervous system instantaneously - the fascial system communicates at a speed of 560 mph while the nervous system communicates at 170 mph ("Fascia in Movement" by Tom Myers) - and once we consciously process these signals in our brains they turn into perceptions, thoughts and feelings. Habitual and repeated thoughts turn into beliefs and these beliefs then inform our actions and choices, thus shaping not only our literal physical body (think of the hunched over shoulders of a depressed person) but the very shape of our life's path. When viewed this way, suddenly vibrational energies, whether through our inner world of thoughts or through the messages from the outer world, carry a whole lot more significance. Wouldn't you want to be much more conscientious of the intentions and energy you imprint into your very tissues? What is the intention you want to set for yourself, and for the world around you, today?


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