/ˈalkəmē/       a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.


/ˈTHerəpē/     treatment intended to relieve or heal a dis-order.

Alkemia Terapia combines psychotherapy, somatic (body felt) awareness, mindfulness and neuroscience to help create alchemical metamorphosis in your life. 

Alkemia Terapia was birthed out of Tanjariitta's vision to combine healing modalities that support the alchemical metamorphosis necessary to create lasting change from within. The mind, body, heart and soul all must have their say in the conversation in order for us to make truly meaningful shifts in our lives. When we don't engage in this deeper inquiry, it can tend to feel as though "life is happening at us" as opposed to us  being able to get in touch with our life's mission and our deeper purpose for being here. As we embark on such a journey of inquiry, it is important to have teachers and guides to walk with us. Not because they know better what is best for us, but because the alchemical process by its nature comes about through interaction and exchange. If you long for a change, it is Tanjariitta's passion to provide the support you need to transform your life.



Do you feel as though you have been working on the same core issues for years? 


Are you frustrated that you "know better" but can't seem to make a true and lasting shift in your habits or thought patterns?


Do you own a stack of self help books that describe your problems perfectly but fail to offer steps that are powerful enough to truly create lasting change?



.... If so, you are not alone. Our mind can have amazing insights without being able to offer us meaningful steps to shift the long-standing issues about which we now have these insight. Similarly, feeling our feelings can be healthy, yet without being able to shift the patterns generating them over and over we can find ourselves in an exhausting emotional merry-go-round without seeing true progress. Our bodies may try to talk to us through aches and pains, but if we focus on isolating and fixing the "problem", the symptoms tend to recur and even amplify or shift elsewhere in the body, causing us to play cat and mouse with our physical health issues. Some of us focus a lot of our energy on our spiritual growth, yet in our day to day lives we can trip up on the same issues time after time. 


If any of this sounds familiar, I imagine you may have spent a lot of time, money and energy on trying to heal and grow as a person and yet you might be left feeling frustrated and beating yourself up for not being "strong enough" to change. You may even have thoughts like "what's the point?" and give into your habits for periods of time until you get tired of the struggle again. Or, you might go through waves of anger or deep depression, suspecting that there is some mysterious, fundamental flaw that you must have since you are still struggling. Perhaps you have even gotten mad at God or some higher power that you believe seems to secretly enjoy seeing you struggle. 


If any of the above describes you, I want to first and foremost applaud you for still having the inner drive and desire to do the work. It can be exhausting, disorienting and discouraging to show up for it. Particularly in this day and age, we are collectively facing so many challenges that the work ahead of us can seem truly daunting. The good (amazing!) news is that we are READY for this! And the even better and more amazing news is that the work ahead involves trying LESS - not more. All the work we all have done up to this point has lead us here. Yes, things might look really(!) messy at the moment - but have you ever cleaned a fish tank? It is a rather dirty and smelly process. Initially the tank looks much worse off from you stirring everything up. That's how cleaning the  closets, basements and junk drawers of our very Selves can look when we are in the thick of it. Yet when we know we have thoroughly cleaned the tank and refreshed the water, we allow things to settle and VOILÁ! - in a matter of minutes the tank is clear and gorgeous again. It is so with us as well. Stirring and allowing, stepping in and stepping back. Breathing in and breathing out. 


A yogi master was once quoted answering the question about getting started on a spiritual path by saying that it was wisest not to start. If, however, you insisted on getting on the path, he stated it would be wisest to never try to get off the path. As much as we might protest our desire to carry on our soul's mission, something deep within us has lead us here. Let's keep moving forward, together - with ease and grace and compassion for the amazing beings we are. 




“Now that I know what yoga therapy does for my anxiety, I would be stupid not to continue coming back!" ~ "Jessica", a recovering drug addict with chronic and debilitating anxiety



"I cherish my time with Tanjariitta. Her skill at putting people at ease is absolutely amazing. This practice has changed my life 100%" ~ Kelly


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