/ˈalkəmē/       a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.


/ˈTHerəpē/     treatment intended to relieve or heal a dis-order.

TANJARIITTA ANTTILA, LCSW is a Finnish-born clinical psychotherapist.

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Alkemia Terapia combines psychotherapy, somatic (body-felt) awareness, yoga and neuroscience to help create alchemical metamorphosis in your life. 

Alkemia Terapia was birthed out of Tanjariitta's vision to combine healing modalities that support the alchemical metamorphosis necessary to create lasting change from within. The mind, body, heart and soul all must have their say in the conversation in order for us to make truly meaningful shifts in our lives. When we don't engage in this deeper inquiry, it can tend to feel as though "life is happening at us" as opposed to us  being able to get in touch with our life's mission and our deeper purpose for being here. As we embark on such a journey of inquiry, it is important to have teachers and guides to walk with us. Not because they know better what is best for us, but because the alchemical process by its nature comes about through interaction and exchange. If you long for a change, it is Tanjariitta's passion to provide the support you need to transform your life.



Do you feel as though you have worked on your core issues for years?  


Are you frustrated that you "know better" but can't seem to make lasting shifts in your habits or thought patterns? 


Have you bought endless self help books that describe your problems perfectly but offer few steps that are truly useful and powerful enough to create lasting change? 


Do you adopt new tools and practices in earnest only to give up on them after a few months because you feel discouraged by lack of change? 





“Now that I know what yoga therapy does for my anxiety, I would be stupid not to continue coming back!" ~ "Jessica", a recovering drug addict with chronic and debilitating anxiety



"I cherish my time with Tanjariitta. Her skill at putting people at ease is absolutely amazing. This practice has changed my life 100%" ~ Kelly


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